Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cats vs. Dogs

"Cats Rule - Dogs Drool." I can't remember the first time I heard this but it might have been in the movie "Cats and Dogs".

I am a closet cat lover. I say that because we have neither a cat nor a dog and I act rather indifferent to either. When I see a cat however I feel a certain affirmation towards them. A co-worker at a temp job I had once said, "Sandy, you're just like a cat. You walk in here and deliver whatever and I don't even know you came in." I like cats because they can take care of themselves and really don't command a response from people. They're rather stately and regal too. And they are quiet and stealth. Most people like dogs, it seems

A friend of mine several years ago was telling me about the door corsage she ordered for her daughter and newborn baby granddaughter. It sounded beautiful and so elaborate, then she said, "I was going to include a banner that said, 'Girls Rule - Boys Drool' but I decided I better not." We got a chuckle out of the idea.

So there we have it, the age old battle - who's better, not cats or dogs but boys or girls? men or women?

I have observed that men reach their peak at about 28-35 years of age and women reach theirs at about 38-45. Mike first pointed this out to me several years ago and every once in a while I'll see something and realize the truth in it. Men and women actually pass each other at a certain point and almost change roles in a sense. Did you see the movie "Benjamin Button"? Now that was interesting. Think about it.

Women while in their early twenties want to get married, have a home, raise babies. Whereas men in their early twenties are building a career, active in sports, and are adventurous and daring. Women want to settle down, men are not quite to the settling down stage.

Then at about 38 years old, women want to go back to school, advance their career, travel, do something daring and adventurous. Men in their late 30's start getting thick around the middle, slow down, want to stay home. See what I'm saying?

Last Sunday while we were enjoying our usual after church breakfast at Lori's Cafe, I noticed an older retired couple sitting directly across from us. They had just come from church too and were very well dressed. The wife wore a mink jacket and more than one large diamond on her finger. The husband had on a nice dark suit. I happened to glance over their way just as he was starting to say something to her and he said it a bit loud she thought. I didn't think so but she shhhed him. He was embarrassed and put his head down. I noticed his hearing aid and felt sympathy for him. He at one time had obviously been someone very important and had provided very well for her. They were no doubt still living on that provision. I could see the role reversal in this instance, she was still strong and maybe even stronger, he was weakening.

It's not who's stronger, or who's better, or who's more important, or who contributes more. It's each one cherishing the gifting of the other and allowing them to fully operate in their gifting. It's respect and honor and communication and the bottom line of it all is thankfulness.

Dogs can live without cats and vice versa. They don't even come close to needing each other and there will always be a debate between dog lovers and cat lovers about which one is superior. But unlike dogs and cats, God created men and women to be partners and to complement each other and bring out one another's best. He created us to work as a team, a unit and to cherish, protect and care for one another. God did and I couldn't be happier.

"For better, For worse, Richer or Poorer, In sickness and in health, 'Til Death Do Us Part."


Amy said...

Mom, Great post!!! I do agree with you about cats-they can take care of themselves, but there is something about having a dog-they do show "affection" and it's always nice to both give and receive. One little note.....I think you meant the man was wearing a "hearing" aid....instead of an earring aid.....although I am sure they could have afforded a million diamond earrings!! :) HA,HA!! Seriously, just this afternoon Charlie and I were talking about men/women's strength's weakness and why God's placed us together a reason. Great way to "tie the knot." Love, Amy

Sandy said...

Thanks Aim. Yeah, he was wearing a hearing aid, I knew that didn't look right.

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