Sunday, January 17, 2010

3D - 2D

There have been several 3D movies released in the past couple of years. I love going to the movies but I really didn't like the idea of wearing weird fitting plastic glasses on top of my corrective lenses. Adrian wanted to go to "Toy Story 1 & 2", a 3D double feature for his birthday. Well, wanting to do something special for him, we agreed. We took him to almost 4 hours of 3D kids utopia. I made it through the 4 hours but it got to be a little long to say the least.

At the beginning of November "The Christmas Carol" with Jim Carry was released. We wanted to see the movie because Jim Carry was so exceptional as the Grinch in "The Grinch". We reluctantly resigned to the fact that to see the movie we'd have to see it in 3D. We saw it, but, I did not enjoy looking through the uncomfortable, odd fitting plastic eye apparatus for over 2 hours. We left the movie and agreed that would be our last 3D movie. The kids can have it.

One 3D real life fact that the kids have and we can not escape is the 3-dimensional aspect to our beings. It is becoming more and more apparent to me as I get older (ahem) and life progresses that we as human beings are 3 dimensions, body, soul and spirit. Now that's no secret, but the realization for me is: I am beginning to be able to discern which dimension of my being is dominating at the time.

My sweet niece, Lindsey who inspired me to create this blog and begin posting, is beginning her second bout with cancer. She is 26 years old. Her blog, Pleasant Drive is a chronicle of her life since June 2008 when she and my nephew Brian married. Less than two months after the wedding she found out she had cancer. She also has great faith. She posted a very right on post entitled Fear or Faith? What's It Gonna Be? she states that she believes she is in a spiritual battle first and then a physical battle. And I say, "Right On!"

We as 3-dimensional beings live in a 2-dimensional world. The world we live in is physical but it is also spiritual. What happens happens in the spiritual realm first, then it happens in the physical realm. We live and believe it's the other way around. Does that answer the question "Why do bad things happen to "good" people?" How about the question, "Why are our prayers not answered?" Yes, I believe it does. I believe it answers both seemingly answerless questions.

We, as Christians, are saved, and we live in a physical world. The only difference between our life and an unsaved person's life is salvation. We are both subject to decisions, opportunities, heritage, circumstances, gravity, physics, etc. It is only when we crossover the physical barrier and live in the spiritual dimension that we experience a true, miraculous, unexplained, blessed life.

We crossover the physical realm and live in the spiritual realm by getting to know God, really know Him. That comes from pushing past doctrines and cliche's and "truths". Things we've believed all our lives, and opening our spirit and soul to understanding His Word. When we know His Word, truly know deep in our spirit, we actually begin living more and more in the spiritual realm and that determines what happens in the physical realm.

We, because we're saved Christians living in a physical world and don't know otherwise, pray for healing, safety, prosperity, provision, etc. Things that are provided for in the Word. Asking God to provide for us or keep us safe or heal us is like my Sweet Berkley asking me to take care of her. I would be so hurt if I felt she was genuinely afraid I would not take care of her and kept asking me to do so over and over. Not only would I be hurt but I would not be able to respond because I am already doing what she is asking me to do.

Because we pray for things that are already provided for in The Word, our prayers are merely words of comfort to one another. Then after we've comforted one another we just wait and see what happens and usually the natural course of life takes it course, sometimes good and sometimes not good. Then we explain it by saying, "Well, it must not have been God's will."

To pray according to the Word we need to be thanking and praising God for what He has already provided for. We then need to ask for wisdom, opportunity, and discernment, etc. to make decisions in the physical realm that will be in line with what The Word says (the spiritual realm). We should pray against fear, unbelief, pride, confusion, etc. things in the soul realm that are against the spirit realm. When we, deep in the heart of our being know The Word, then we pray according to The Word, then our prayers are answered according to the Word.

Living according to the Word and praying according to the Word, causes things to happen in the Spirit realm before they happen in the physical realm.

I won't be attending any more 3D movies but I am excited about being a 3D being in a 2D world. I look forward with anticipation as I through His Word know God more and more and journey spiritually in a physical world.

Disclaimer: I am neither a theologian or a Bible scholar. This is an account of my belief, understanding and experience.

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