Sunday, December 20, 2009

Is Aunt Sandy Old?

That's what my nephew, my sweet little 4 year old nephew, Judson, with the permanent smile asked my brother. "Dad, is Aunt Sandy old?"

Yikes! Oh please, not yet!

I arrived at the family Christmas party last night accompanied or supported by a cane. Picture that. It's one of my mom's canes. From my Grandmother's estate she inherited a collection of canes that has been in the family for several generations. I swear (not really) Moses had this one in the wilderness. Anyway it helps. The colder temperatures are aggravating my pinched sciatic nerve and by the end of the day, oh man, walking is a pain. Enter, the cane.

Jeffrey, my nephew who's 6'5" and in the Ninth Grade, picture that, (the basketball team loves him) (we do too), asked me what happened. I said I have a pinched nerve. He asked "How'd it happen?" I said, "It just progressed..." then he said, "Oh" and his eyes kind of glassed over so I didn't go into details. He added, "I'm sorry" which I thought was sweet. He's a really nice young man.

The way I understand it is: the genetic tilt to my pelvis caused the muscles to over-correct and over time the over-correcting curved the spine. My low-iodine levels and chronic malabsorption due to systemic candida eventually degenerated the cushion between the vertebrae therefore putting pressure on the nerve which is aggravated by the cold and there we have it, the perfect storm.

I was blessed and encouraged yesterday by the woman at Natural Food Market who scanned my grocery items. She's about my age, (not old) and as she looked up she said, "How are you?" I replied, "Fine" then I said, "No, actually..." She told me she had been through the same thing and it would eventually heal.

The Lord knew I needed to hear from someone who could totally relate. He also knew I needed to hear that even though it's been a year, it will heal.

I thank Him for his forever and always faithfulness. I ask His forgiveness for doubt, self-pity and selfishness.

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Amy said...

Wow, I am sure that REALLY was a blessing to hear from someone that "had" the same thing and is now healed! AND NO "Aunt Sandy" is anything but old---limpy maybe, for now.....but young in spirit, mind and beauty!

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