Monday, December 14, 2009

Home is Where My Dad Is

Right now I just want to go home. You know the feeling, the desire. Someplace where there is no pain. Someplace safe and secure. A place where everything is taken care of and there are no worries.

That's how I felt when I was a kid growing up. Wherever I was I knew I would go home and my Dad would be there. His presence was always there. Tall, strong, capable, loving, giving, big shoulders, safe, always an answer and a solution to every question or concern.

My Dad made me feel as if I could do anything in the world I chose to do. I was precious to him and I knew it. I knew it in a secure way not an arrogant way.

I missed my Daddy terribly when I moved up North when I was 19. I barely saw him during the next 23 years. He came to my aid in 1995 and helped me start over again. We spent a couple of years together as he and my mom got me on my feet. Five years later he was gone.

He's in heaven with the Lord and he's been there for 7 earthly years. I miss my Dad now more than I ever have. Not that I didn't miss him before, I did, but my logic pushed aside my feelings. Right now, I'm in pain, sciatic pain, and pain has a way of cancelling out logic.

I'm thankful for my Dad, for his love, provision, and guidence in my life. I am blessed by the gift of his legacy. I am humbled by the awareness that not everyone has this legacy. I am quieted and at peace with the assurance that I will be with him again for eternity. Home is where he is.

Thank you Lord. I am Blessed.

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