Friday, November 27, 2009

My Mom and Me

"You're just like your mother." That's what my Dad used to say. When I was a kid it filled me with pride because that's the attitude he said it with. When I was a teen it frustrated me somewhat because I wanted to be my own person. When I was a young mom it seemed impossible, "How did she do this?" But now I'm content and happy and blessed to be like my mom.

My mom and I and her mom and probably her mom before that and hers before that and hers before that, are wives and homemakers. Oh, we're capable of doing it all, have a career and take care of a home and children. But our hearts, the core of our being is for our husbands, our homes, our children and our grandchildren. We're homemakers. And I'm blessed with that, content with that, and consider it my highest calling.

The next time my nephew, the one that asks the questions everyone else only thinks, asks, "Aunt Sandy, what do YOU do to make a living?" I'm going to have an answer for him. It's going to roll off my tongue with confidence, "I'm a Homemaker, just like my Mom." Blessed, Oh so Blessed!


Pleasant Drive said...

I feel the same way. Even though we don't have any children, I am happiest at home. Our life is much more peaceful when I'm at home. I always say, "Whoever decided women should work was a nut!"

Christy said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and encouraging me, I really appreciate it.
I love your post about your mom (you look just like her!) and being a homemaker - it is my love and my life and I know that I am blessed to be able to live it! I also really loved the post about your grandmother - I hope that someday my grandchildren will have wonderful memories of me.

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