Saturday, November 14, 2009

I've Got My Groove Back

Well finally!

When we were closer to 40 than to 30 Mike and I respectively lost everything. Twelve years ago we joined our hearts and our lives and started re-building again. There were setbacks and obstacles and re-starts and a lot of times it felt like two steps forward three steps back.

This past year has been our best in so many ways, and the, lets just say, most challenging in so many ways. For Mike and for Me and for Us. Mike has been off work for a year. Oil Field. He's a consultant so if the phone doesn't ring, he doesn't work. But the Lord provided enough work in the previous 6 years to pay for those six, do a whole lot of other things we wanted plus have enough for this year. Doesn't that sound like the Year of Jubilee?! It's been miraculous really! Me? I've been battling my sciatic nerve for a year now. I'm just thankful I can walk, let's just put it that way. Plus all the changes that go with "The Change" have finally settled in and believe me, it is a CHANGE. Sometimes I feel like the butterfly that metamorphosized into the worm. Oh, excuse me, caterpillar.

But now, at this point, I feel as if I'm gettin' my groove back.

One of the main things to getting my groove back has been finding an answer to the issue of what to eat and how to prepare it. We were going through so much and everything seemed so much like "Fruit Basket Turn Over" all the time that I could never get it together food/meal wise. The most uncomplicated, agreeable, constant thing we could do was go to Rosa's, or Whataburger, or Chili's. So we did, for the better part of twelve years.

I've come to realize however that we are missing a very integral part of home. I was saddened by that and decided that it is time we grounded our own style and preferences and likes and dislikes, patterns and traditions. It's time and way past time.

So now after 14 1/2 years I am cooking again. I am inspired by a very dear young woman in Dallas who is becoming my friend. Her food blog Simply Sugar and Gluten Free and the many blogs she links to are keeping me on track and enthused and excited about cooking. I am able to blend my needs and preferences with Mike's needs and preferences and prepare and present meals that are becoming our own. Not my past or his past but now our past, our present and our future. Thank you Amy Green, you are blessing my life!


Linda said...

I was thinking recently that we really ought to have a year of jubilee. I'm so glad God has provided for you.

I agree, Amy is a wonderful person and cook.

I hope the spaghetti squash turns out well for you!

Amy Green said...

Sandy - I have been through losing everything and, today, it's a great blessing. It brings a simple joy into all of life that wasn't there before. I am so grateful for all your honest feedback on things I cook - and quite often I think you improve upon them! :) Thanks so much for all the kind things you said about me. Big hugs!

Iris said...

I'm glad you're enjoying cooking again! And I feel you with the sciatic pain...I know how bad that can get!

Linda said...

I hope your biscuits turned out well!

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