Friday, October 16, 2009

52 Card Pick-Up

I remember the first time I played 52 Card Pick-Up, my cousin grabbed a deck of cards and said, "Have you ever played 52 Card Pick-Up?" I said, "No", anticipating a fun game. She promptly tossed the entire deck high into the air and then watched with delight as I scrambled over the entire room picking up the cards. I'm sure I returned the favor to some other trusting younger child at some point. That's how I've felt the past 14 years, like I'm playing 52 Card Pick-Up. That and "One step forward two steps back". Mike too only he's played several times. You know what? We've won.

It seems like some people have never played. Those who've never played don't seem to know how to truly relate to those who have. I'm thankful not everyone has to experience the dishevel, the frustration, the hurt, the confusion, the fight-for-your-life experience. I'm thankful we have. And I'm thankful for the grace, mercy and strength of the Lord. I want to tell everyone and shout out loud, "We WON!"

We live in a little bit of heaven most of the time but we went through a little bit of you know where to get here. And we've been through nothing compared to what some people go through. It's all relative I guess.

We are Blessed!

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