Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We Took a Trip

Well, we did it! We took a trip, not just any trip, but a vacation and it was wonderful! We were gone 8 days, traveled 1000 miles one way to Memphis and Nashville, Tennesse, than 1000 miles home. We toured Graceland, saw a Broadway Musical, went on a dinner country music cruise, sat on the front row at the Grand Ole' Opry, spent the night at Gayord Opryland Resort, and The Peabody and Union Station Hotels, shopped at Opry Mills and Whole Foods Market and had lunch at Pei Wei, my favorite restaurant. These are just the highlights of a fabulous trip.

A year ago, I decided that this year on our anniversary we would take a trip, do something special - since we'd never done that, not even a honeymoon. We've just been so caught up in working and living and taking care of everyone else that we've never taken the time or spent the money. So last year I started saving and a couple of months ago I started planning. Now we've gone and come home again.

We found out a couple of things about ourselves, (which we already knew but it's nice to confirm) first we found out that we get along incredibly well. Mike allows me to walk in my gifting and I hope I allow him to walk in his. Second we confirmed that we like, I mean really like nice hotel rooms, I mean really nice like 5-Star. And for this trip they were worth it. We also confirmed that I am directionally challenged.

There were countless special moments but there were two that cinched the entire week for me. The first one was on our anniversary, we stayed at The Peabody in Memphis and after dinner at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse the valet knocked on the door and said he had a delivery for Mike Gillett. He brought in a dozen very beautiful red, white and yellow roses which I had ordered the week before we left. The brief expression on Mike's face was worth the entire trip and all the effort. It was a soft expression of a tremendous depth of love and of being touched by the kindness of another. I really can't explain it. But it was a very special moment for both of us. The other was when Mike bought me a chocolate chocolate chip muffin and a bottle of water at 10 o'clock at night when I was searching for chocolate cake and we couldn't find any. I felt so cared for when he stepped up to the counter and ordered, "A chocolate chocolate chip muffin and a bottle of water." Two relatively small instances amongst eight days of one special happening after another but they are two priceless moments which captured something much deeper and significant.

I am so thankful we could do this. With Mike's work schedule it may be our one and only trip, but I hope not. We just don't know what our future holds but we know Who holds our future. We are so very blessed.

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