Sunday, August 2, 2009

Too Level

Is it possible to be too level headed? Too cautious? Have too much common sense? Yes, I would say the answer is yes. On the other hand, what if we were all spontaneous? Impulsive? Leapt before we looked? The answer is obvious. But it doesn't have to be one way or the other. There's balance. I am in the second half probably the last third of my life and I realize that I have lived a very controlled, very predictable, very sensible life. I'm thankful for the level-headedness. But I'm learning to say, "Yes!" "Why not!" and "Let's go!" a whole lot more. Grandchildren have a way of changing ones perspective. I wonder, "Why was I so rigid with my own children?" and "Why were my parents so rigid with me? I am thankful because also in this last half of my life I am seeing just exactly what is "out there" and I have been spared much heartache and grief. And hopefully I have spared my children. However, the first time Berkley and Major ask to play in the rain, I'm going to say, "Yes!"


Amy said...

I've learned BALANCE is the key. Not everything has to be "perfectly planned" or we will miss the fun and spontaneity of life. Berkley LOVES playing out in the rain :) I am sure she'll take you up on it

Pleasant Drive said...

Hi,Sandy! I miss your blog posts. You are so wise to realize that life is too short to be too cautious. I struggle with this - a LOT! I'm a worrier, by nature, and I find myself getting to worried about life to live life.

Amy Green said...

What wonderful self-reflection...thanks for sharing that. I also had to stop by and see who was making carrot cupcakes. :)

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