Sunday, August 23, 2009

When Time Stood Still

It was one of those light bulb moments. You know, when a "light" flashes in your spirit, the earth stands still, life halts for a very brief nano second and you know that you know that you know that something momumentous, something life changing, totally life changing, 360* life changing has happened. Life events happen in the spirit before they happen in the physical and sometimes it takes a long time for what happened in the spirit to come to pass in the physical and sometimes not.

Such was the case when I heard Mike speak during the discussion in the Single-Adult Bible Study Class. I didn't see his face, he was in the back of the room, but I heard his voice reveal what was in his heart and I heard what he believes. It resonated with my spirit and it was one of those less than nano second moments that you know that you know that you know and nothing after that is ever the same.

A couple of months later we actually spoke face to face. We conversed a little, he paid for my lunch without me knowing. Later I said, "Thank you" and we've been talking every since.

We started talking in July and got married in September. I bought a new dress and shoes, we informed our family, invited a few friends, our friend made New York Cheesecake, my Mom made coffee, Mike brought me roses ( the most beautiful roses I have ever seen), my brother officiated and we were husband and wife. Mike went back to work, I went back to work. Alex had school. Life continued. That was 12 years ago and it's been continuing every since.

We attended the wedding of our neighbors daughter just a couple of weeks ago. The minister made very true and very pertinent statements during the ceremony. Two of the statements that stand out the most are truths Mike and I have discussed and experienced. He said, "Any two people can have a wedding but a marriage is a journey" the journey is the journey to become one and we have found out that it begins the moment, the very moment you say "I Do". A key component of this happening is "giving up your singlehood". One of Amy's observations early on was that we "stick together like glue". We've had to or life would tear us apart. We gave up everything and had to totally empty ourselves, bind together, and start all over. The Lord is now bringing everthing back to us infinitely better than we could ever ask or think.

We didn't take a honeymoon back then, 12 years ago. So now as a celcbration to the Lord's faithfulness and our life together we're spending our next anniversary, September 2, 2009, at Graceland then we're headed to Nashville. We don't travel much, it may be our one and only trip, but who really knows except the Lord. We just take life one day at a time, enjoy the process, experience the journey and we're thankful. We are tremendously Blessed!


Pleasant Drive said...

Beautiful thoughts about marriage! Before I got married, I didn't realize that you had to fight for your marriage from day 1, but you do. And, WOW, is it worth it! Hard, but worth it! I love how you put it - "We had to stick together like glue or life would tear us apart." So very true :)

SG said...

You're right Lindsey, it's a journey but a battle the entire way. Oh Yes, it's worth it!

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