Saturday, August 1, 2009

Big Empty House

You know how the house feels after you've had company. (I mean good company) You know, too big, very quite, kind of like you have too much time and nothing to do. That's how I feel, but we didn't have company.

My brother and sister-in-law have 10 kids. Nine of their own and our grand-niece whom they are raising temporarily. They have been planning a camping trip to Colorado for months. Mary's parents live in Colorado Springs and every 2 or 3 years they camp at a camp site near their home and visit them for a few days. The anticiapation has been building and finally the anticipated day arrived. The have a 15 passanger van which pulls an enclosed trailer for the camping gear and all the luggage and essentials. They were loaded, all buckled in, house cleaned and closed, prayer said, the key turned. . .the key turned. . .nothing. Well something, Jefferson said, "It sounded like a machine gun!" But nothing that they wanted to hear.

It was 7:59AM, our phone rang and I noticed it was Stan but since Adrian is with them (as if they didn't have enough kids) I thought he was just going to say they were on the road, etc. But he said, "Does Mike know anything about fixing cars?" We hopped in our car and went down there. (It's only two blocks.) There was Mom and Dad still sitting in the front seats looking through the phone book and the car manual respectively. The kiddos with long faces were getting out of the seat belts and car seats and heading back into the house. Uncle Mike got to work on the Van, Aunt Sandy followed the kids into the house and helped them get breakfast. The breakfast that was supposed to have been served on the road.

Stan and Mike and Mary spent most of the day working on the van and thinking about options. Aunt Sandy kept the kids occupied in the house for the most part. She looked out the window every once in a while and sure enough Uncle Mike was still under the van and then there were two little legs sticking out also. It was the cutest thing! One of the times it was little 2 year old Victoria. "Hi, Uncle Mike", she said then crawled out. It was priceless. By 2 in the afternoon the van started, but not wanting to trust it on such a long trip with go much precious cargo they decided to rent a van. They did and after a good night's sleep they headed out this morning around 8. I believe they will be blessed with a wonderful, refreshing vacation with their loved ones and every anticipation and hope will be fulfilled. I sure do miss them though. We are so blessed.

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