Saturday, July 18, 2009

Visited By Angels? Nah, Just Men.

Two men came to the door and asked Mike if they could see the Garage Queen, I mean the Thunderbird. They ended up tinkering here and tinkering there and working on it until after midnight. The next day one of the men phoned Mike and said he wanted to bring a friend over to "see" the bird. They came over after working all day in their respective jobs and got to work, non-stop until close to 2 AM! The cavalry has arrived! Blessed again.


Alex said...

Wow, that's great Mom. "The Bird" is lookin good. :)

SG said...

Thanks Alex. Yeah, it's coming. It'll be a relief and hopefully a lot of fun especially after 5 years! I really admire Mike's tenacity. And I'm having to take back some of the stuff I said and thought about it. Poor thing might be a blessing after all. Love you.

SG said...

(the car - Mike's always a blessing)

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