Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sleeping With the Enemy

Do you realize we are at war? Not only at war but in war? I don't mean our country. I mean us, you, me, him, her. We sleep with, eat with, watch TV with, clean house with, walk with, talk with, work with, bathe with, brush our teeth with and constantly think with, the enemy. The enemy is within. The enemy is me, myself and I. When I accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour for the forgiveness of my sin I received the gift of eternal life. His Holy Spirit came to dwell in me. The Holy Spirit did not replace my human nature. So now I have two natures living in me, my human nature and His Holy Spirit. Thus at 8 years old I entered a battle. It's a battle I have been and will continue to fight until the day I die. It has never been more clear to me than this week when fear, frustration, worry and pride came crashing in and I succumbed to blaming my husband for a situation he can not help. I felt myself actually jump from the spiritual nature to the fleshly nature. After 5 days and a major confrontation I jumped back again. It was like black and white. Hear and there. Now I'm battling a sinus infection. I've known for several years that my sinus/bronchitis episodes are directly related to my emotional and spiritual state. Oh, How Great is Our God and how little we understand about the interconnectedness of all things. Continue to teach me Lord and forgive me for being so self-righteous and stubborn. The battle is on 24/7/365. CHARGE! I am so blessed.

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