Thursday, July 23, 2009

Plain and Not Plain

I love to cook. Well, maybe. . . . I think I do. I love to read cookbooks and search internet food sites and copy recipes and gather ingredients. But actually cook? . . . . Not until today. My wonderful tender-hearted husband has been working on his T-Bird trying to get the gorgeous obnoxious thing finished. (It was a 1965 piece of junk, now it's a 1965 collector's item) While he's been busy in the garage, I've been busy in the kitchen, or thinking about it anyway. The problem is my dear husband only likes meat and potatoes plain. Preferably fried. I have managed to incorporate a few green vegetables, but they must be plain. So today just for the fun of it and hoping in the back of my mind that he would taste them and declare, "This is fantastic!" I decided to whip up two recipes from I was bustling around in the kitchen almost singing when he came in for water, shirt soaked with sweat and asked me what I was making. I replied, "Green Beans Admondine and Garlic Mashed Potatoes". He very kindly said, "Well, maybe you could keep me some potatoes out?" My first thought was, "Oh come on!" But then I felt a compassion come over me and I said, "Sure." And I realized, it's not me he doesn't like and it's not that he thinks I can't cook, he just likes his food plain. A wave of peace has come over me because I can have my cake and eat it too as long as I make his plain. I am so blessed.

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