Saturday, July 25, 2009

I Don't Like Caves

My husband's a Drilling Fluid Engineer. He drives 3-400 miles a day and maintains the correct drilling fluid properties on an average of 4 rigs a day. He's the 2nd most important person out there all though they are all important or the job wouldn't get done. What I did not know about the job is that it is cyclical. Meaning he either works 24/7/365 or nothing, ziltch, nada. Right now it's nothing, ziltch, nada. At least we are prepared for it this time, financially that is. He's been off work for 8 months. It's fine. We're fine. But between working on the T-Bird until 3AM with two other men I might add, then sleeping until 10 to make up for it, listening to and watching the news beginning with Rush at Noon and then Glenn Beck at 4 and solving the Rubik's Cube in between (I'm very impressed with that). I'm feeling a little bit claustrophobic. Kind of like I'm living in a Man Cave. How about I go get my hair done, take my mother to lunch, go see Amy and the precious babies then go shopping, go shopping, go shopping. Thank you I believe I will. I'm blessed.


Pleasant Drive said...

Oh my goodness, I had no idea that Mike's business worked like that. What an adjustment that would be! I remember when Brian was at his previous job, and he was on call 24/7. That was when we were dating and engaged. It was awful. I couldn't handle it. You're smart to recognize when you need some alone time, before you just blow up. That's what I usually do :)

SG said...

No, not so smart. I blow up first.

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