Monday, July 6, 2009

Get A Job!!

Do you know what really bothers me? I mean, I used to have compassion, I used to feel sorry, I used to try to help whenever I could. But it's happening too often. Mary Kaye said it's because we drive a new Denali. I don't know if it's because we drive a new vehicle or not but several times in the last few months we have been approached by "desperate" people trying to get to "Abilene". Well, the first time a lady really did look destitute and had a cross racial little girl in the back seat drinking a . . . "Hey, it looked like a child's cup from Sonic . . . now that I think about it". . . . she, the "mom" asked me for gas money. I gave her the $7.00 I had in my purse and apologized for not having more. Mike was approached at 5 AM at a Town and Country by a young white man in a blue Nike wind suit who needed "Forty dollars to get to Abilene because his mother died." Mike said, "I'm going to give you the forty dollars, but I don't believe you." Two ladies standing outside Walgreens with a gas can asked my mom and me for a few dollars, we neither one had any cash. I felt badly because I felt they really were desperate. But who really knows. Two weeks ago we were approached by a lady who looked similar to the first lady minus the little girl needing just a little help to get to Abilene so "we could take care of this problem". Mike said no in a nice way. I'm sorry, but "we" don't have a problem and they are taking applications at Whataburger. More than once in the past couple of months I've been approached in a parking lot by a middle aged black man asking for donations for his church and he'll give you a carnival sized lollipop or other sensational-sized sugar whatever. Last night we were approached as soon as we got in the car by a hispanic man with a "wife and kids" in his car who reached his hand through the window past me to "shake" Mike's hand and poured out a sad story about being stranded and needed to get to "Abilene". Mike gave him $20 and the man reached through the window again to shake Mike's hand and said, "God Bless You." They all say that. I wanted to say, "Are you related to the lady who needed to get to Abilene a few weeks ago?" Is it just us or are people like this coming out in droves? We have decided that our answer in the future will be, "No". Don't make eye contact, don't engage, don't approach. It feels heartless but we're not. It's just not safe. Mary Kaye's here from Dallas, she's an EMT and told us countless stories about kind-hearted people just helping a "destitute" and ending up being shot or worse. I don't fear for my life or my safety because I know the Lord is in charge of my life and is protecting me but I do know we have to be wise and I know the closer we get to the end of this age the worse it's going to get. I'm thankful for churches and agencies where destitute people can get help to get to "Abilene", but career beggars can "Get A Job!"


Amy said...

Isn't it SO funny that they all need to get to "Abilene?!" It's true they ARE coming out in droves. I read the most interesting (for lack of better words) sign today while driving on Midkiff near the mall "Daughter died. Left 2 children. Need help!" Wow-so many thoughts go sifting through your head at this point in time. Only moments earlier on Midland drive I saw a group of elementary aged children asking for money, with bucket in boy was actually approaching individual cars, knocking on the windows. While watching from across the intersection, I could see many nervous drivers-wondering what was going on. It's hard to want to be compassionate, but have a stronger desire to protect your family and yourself. It IS much safer to just say, "No." Hmm..wondering if we'll see some news coverage on this new phenomenon.

Alex said...

yeah that can be dangerous and I don't give people money(i rarely carry cash anyways) if I'm approached, it feels really weird to be approached like that, mostly because of their lame made up stories they try and give you that you can totally see right through. The other night a friend of mine and I were just leaving Whataburger with our orders when a guy, who had just finished talking with a couple of college student looking kids getting into a Lexus SUV, then walked over to us and tried to say he was lost then switched his story and said he was out of gas and needed money and this guy drove a newer model Chevy trailblazer and it had Rims. At first I told him the people working at the restaurant could give him directions and then he told us he was just looking for a handout then I basically said get lost, we're leaving and we left. But after that it gave me a weird feeling about being approached in the parking lot cuz it was late, i wanted to call the police on him, next time i just might.

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