Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bye, Mom

It happened. It was wonderful. Ten days later I am still sorting through my emotions and tearing at the avalanche of out of this world memories.
On June 27, 2009, Aaron, my first-born son married Susan, the love of his life. It was a wedding weekend enjoyed by 100 plus people that will equal no other this side of heaven. Aaron and Susan worked with a wedding planner for over a year. Together they blessed their family and closest friends to a marvelous weekend. Lindsey, my precious niece and Aaron's cousin described it as magical and American royalty. Those are the words I've been missing. That was it exactly.
We danced, Aaron and I, it was a dance I'll always remember. I hugged him, hugged him tight and cried.
THE moment, the moment I'll cherish in my heart as long as I live on this earth is the moment Aaron and Susan, both so radiant, both so happy they could burst, came hurriedly down the steps amidst a shower of brightly colored confetti and before stepping into the limousine Aaron saw me, we made eye contact and quickly grasped each others arm in a forearm clasp, hand-to-elbow. Aaron excitedly, at the height of happy, contentment and completeness, said "Bye, Mom" and I knew it had happened; my first son, totally capable, totally amazing, sensitive, caring, strong, kind, just-lift-the-bar-higher-and-he'll-reach-it-son, had passed from one era of his life into the next. My job as his mother was done, not over, but complete for now. God blessed me with the greatest blessing and honor a mother can experience this side of heaven. I am forever grateful. May God bless us all.


Pleasant Drive said...

What a sweet moment that you and Aaron got to share! Weddings are so much more than a ceremony, aren't they? I got to share some pictures from the weekend with Dale and Judy last night when we got home. They were so sorry that they missed it, and I told them that they really missed a spectacular time.

Aaron Borgan said...

Mom!! I'm sorry it took me so long to read your blog again, I kept reminding myself that I needed to log in and read your blog, but for some reason, every time I had to get on the internet, I kept forgetting to log into blogger.com!

Well, I must say, just like all of your other blog posts, this one is absolutely amazing. It really brought back some amazing memories. I even teared up a little bit in the office this morning.

What amazing memories we made on our wedding weekend. And our mother/son dance at the wedding was a huge hit! Just think, we were so nervous about it! Or at least I was!

Thank you so much for always being there and for what you've taught me throughout my life. It has been a blessing and a perfect foundation for becoming a great husband and future father some day.

I love you mom!
Love, Aaron

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