Friday, June 5, 2009

Just the Aunt

The most difficult thing about raising someone else's child is not actually being the mom. And in this case I'm not even the Step-Mom, I'm the aunt and actually the uncle was married before so does that make me the step-aunt? I don't think so. I'm the real aunt but not by bloodline, by marriage and there's a difference. I'm sure it's a lot like being a step-mom and I'm one of those too. But that hasn't been an issue. It gets difficult let me tell you. Being the mom but not really the mom. And my weakness is I let my guard down, I start feeling like the mom. Every time since day one, the moment, the very moment I start feeling happy and secure and in control and like the mom something subtle happens to "knock me down" and put me in my rightful place. I really think it is the Lord's correction, because I'm not the mom, he has a mom, I'm just the aunt. And it's a blessing.

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Pleasant Drive said...

Oh, but you are so much more than "just the aunt". You are the stability, the normalcy, the caregiver, the homemaker. You are not "just the aunt". What a lucky guy Adrian is!

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