Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jayla, Sweet Jayla

Ah, Jayla, Sweet Jayla, what a wonder you are. Tomorrow is your 4th birthday. I remember the day you were born. So little, so sweet and sooo precious. Your Mommy loved you and cared for you and played with you, she was sooo delighted! The Lord has His Hand on you and will every single moment of your life.

Jayla is the first born of my sweet niece Christina, the first born of my brother Don. She made my mom a Great-Grandma, Don a Grandpa and me a Great-Aunt. What a blessing! Everytime I stop by which is several times a week she always says, "Hi, Aunt Sandy." Sweetly, quietly, somewhat shyly and it's a moment set apart, separate from everything else that's going on at the time. And I say "Hi, Jayla Sweet." At that moment the very earth seems to stand still and then as quickly as it seemed to stop life goes on. What a blessing she is!

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Pleasant Drive said...

What a big girl she has become! I'm so glad to know that she is doing well. You certainly have a knack for writing!

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