Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Can somebody help me?! Aaron my dear, sweet, super amazing first son called me yesterday and said, "Mom we have to pick a song for our dance at the wedding." I didn't say anything. He continued, "The mother/son dance." I'm still in shock, "You and I are going to dance." I squeak out, "OK." I mean yea, I would do anything for my son and his wonderful bride, Susan whom I love and adore. But I've never danced. Well maybe one time, but that can hardly be counted. We chose, "What a Wonderful World" you know, Louie Armstrong. He asked me if I was familiar with the song. I said yes-s-s, trying to recall. Any song other than a church song has not been a part of my life until 12 years ago when my "they-don't-get-any-better-than-this" husband began introducing me to music. My whole world opened up. But I haven't danced. And I was picturing Myself, Petroleum Club, Sit-Down Dinner, Live Band, Dance Floor, Just Me and Aaron. Aaron said, "Don't worry Mom, I'm not a very good dancer but I'll lead." Me in heels, tripping over my floor length dress. Still uncertain I told him it would be wonderful. He had to go. We hung up. Then I thought Aaron's probably a really good dancer just like everything else he does, just has the knack. I felt better. I called Amy, she assured me, "It's a slow song Mom. You'll do all right. Just hang on to Aaron." And you know, I will. Oh, I let him go, a long time ago and he's riding on the high heels of the earth. But in my heart I'm hanging on and I always will. I am so blessed.


Charlie and Amy said...

WOW, mom this is your best one yet. Humorous, creative and truthful all in one. You ARE going to do great! Don't think of all of those "silly little details" (gulp---long dress, high heels,:)), just think of the special time you will have with Aaron. You'll probably forget about everyone else all around you.

Pleasant Drive said...

I agree with Amy. This is a great post! What a special moment for you and Aaron. You know, it guarantees that you'll get a unique time with just him on the wedding day. Brian and I can't wait to see all of you next weekend :)

Aaron Borgan said...

MOM!! What a great post and I love your blog! Thanks for writing such nice things about me :). We're going to rock it on the dance floor! I can't wait for the special finale move! It's something I saw on Dancing With the Stars once.

Just kidding mom, we're going to be just great out there. It'll be your basic shuffle around in a big circle.

Love you and can't wait for the wedding weekend!


Charlie and Amy said...

Ok, last night the teacher in me was reflecting on your last entry. You very successfully (and creatively) tied this story together about dancing in high HEELS,concluding with Aaron riding on the high HEELS of the earth-which was also great imagery. Way to go Mom! You obviously have strong feelings about this as it is reflected in your high quality of writing.
I'd give this one an "A PLUS!"

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