Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Garage Queen

We have a garage queen! Here's how it all started. Mike came home from work one day and after dinner sat down at the computer and while searching through ebay found a '65 T-Bird convertible. He looked over at me and announced he was going to buy it and asked me for the credit card and would I help him complete the online purchase. I was shocked, stunned, alarmed and angry. Let me lay some ground work here. My husband is not impulsive. My husband is not out of his mind. My husband does not demand his own way. But this, well this was clear out of the blue thinking from him and I didn't know what was happening. I was upset to say the least and angry. Let me explain. We had just been through an oil bust. We have a Drilling Fluid Consulting business. When it rains it pours. One day chicken, next day feathers. After 9/11 the oil field crashed and consultants are the first to not get called. So we lived on savings and then credit cards. In addition, we had just bought the house and the Yukon providing us with not only a place to live and transportation but payments. Just a few months before the "I'm going to buy this T-Bird," annoucement we were back to work and I was writing checks to pay off our previous months living expenses, then our plan was to get us out of debt and prepare for the next bust which is inevitable in this business. We didn't buy the T-Bird on ebay that night and we didn't get a divorce and I didn't kill him. About six weeks later Mike called me while on route from one rig to his next and told me he had found a '65 T-Bird, the car he wanted to buy. A man in Georgia owned it and he'd been on the phone with him, etc. So I completed the paperwork and went down to the bank and got a cashiers check for everything we had in the bank until our next check came in in a few days and put the shipping charges on a credit card, ouch the credit card I had just paid off. A few weeks later the car and all it's "glory" was delivered around midnight. Mike was excited, I was trying to be excited. We drove it a couple of times with the top down, it was fun but quickly realized it had issues and really needed to be restored. At this point Mike was working so much we had more money than time. We trusted people to take it and restore it but quickly found out that when they say about 15000 tops they really mean about 4 times that and then it's not done. The last oil field boom lasted about 5 1/2 years. We were able to pay off the house, the yukon, the motorcycle, the credit cards and buy a Denali. Train and employee our son-in-law, Charlie and brother-in-law Michael. Put money into the T-Bird attempting to get it finished and remodel the house and get money ahead so we can live comfortably through the next bust which is what we are doing now. Oil field in this area came to an abrupt halt just after the election. Then after nearly six months of trying to get the self-employed body shop owner used to be neighbor of ours to finish the painting of the white, now black Thunderbird it is in our garage. And now the real work begins. Mike is finishing the restoration and I am so proud of him. He is learning as he goes. He studies wiring diagrams with a magnifying glass. I'm not sure yet what the Lord is accomplishing through this experience but it's something life changing. The '65 T-Bird will be restored and we'll enjoy it and we are so very blessed.


Pleasant Drive said...

Boys will be boys. I can definitely relate. You are a great writer, Sandy!

Charlie and Amy said...

You ARE a good writer Mom! I think this is my favorite one yet. I roped Charlie into reading it and I heard chuckles from the kitchen! Mike was a good sport to pose as the Garage Queen!

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