Saturday, June 20, 2009

Blowout Special!

Now I'm two! My Mommy and Daddy put on the funnest party! Grandma and Grandpa Scott came from Amarillo which is fun enough. Grandma and Great-Grandma (the ones who live here) prepared the food which helped Mommy who decorated and wrapped presents and took care of Little Major. Daddy didn't start the charcoals early enough so my three Grandma's and Mommy decided to broil the hamburgers. Right before they were done Daddy said the coals were ready so he finished them on the grill. One thing though, it started raining. Assured that it would stop in a second Daddy went ahead and put the burgers on the grill, closed the lid and it started pouring! And it didn't stop! Daddy got drenched! He did some die-hard grilling let me tell you. Thank you Daddy! When it was time to light the candles, I was waiting and there was not a dry match to be found. They were on the patio!! Grandpa Scott was trying to get some action out of the lighter in the truck when Grandpa (the one who lives here) found two matches in the middle of the box and lit them with the now perfect coals. Still raining. Thank you Grandpa! I blew out two candles! Yea!! I prefered frosting, so Mommy let me have just frosting. Thank you Mommy! Present Time! I love my Jack-in-the-Box from Great-Uncle Don, I couldn't stop playing with it. Mommy and Daddy gave me a tunnel with a ball tent at the end, WOW! Baby Elmo is stuck in the box but Mommy will fix it. Thank you Everybody! It was soooo special! I am one blessed girl!

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Amy said...

This captures her b-day highlights so well! In so many ways it was definately a b-day to remember!

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