Sunday, May 31, 2009

Who IS Adrian Anyway?

That's another question everyone wants the answer to. Except by now, they know. Adrian is Mike's grand-nephew (our grand-nephew). His niece (our niece), Mary Kaye's son. Chery's grandson. He came to live with us on the 4th of July in 2001. He was five. He had stayed with us for a couple of weeks when he was four and was just going to stay a couple of weeks the summer he was five. But his mother broke her foot, needed to relocate to Dallas for her job and the move plus the foot plus the job plus getting a very active five year old in school and finding daycare was a bit much. We with open arms welcomed him into our home for the school year and until she could get on her feet literally. It actually worked out so well for Adrian, for her and for us that he's been with us every since. He is very close to his Mom. He talked to her everynight until recently when he felt he was too old to get a phone call from his Mom everynight. He's 13, going on 14. I told her he's just trying his hardest to grow up. They take really fun trips together and she always does something with him either here or there for his birthday and she always plans Christmas. He has added a never-a-dull-moment element to our life and our days are totally unpredictable. When he gets up in the morning, or everytime he walks through the door this house jumps with excitment and energy. Our life is so very blessed.

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