Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Teensey Weensey House

My brother Stan and sister-in-law Mary have 9 children. And right now they have 10 because our grand-niece who is almost 4 is living with them. One time a few of the kids were over and Leah who was 5 or 6 at the time walked through the kitchen and down the hall, stopped at the door to the master bedroom and realizing she was at the end said, "Why do you have such a teensey weensey house?" Ahhh, the question everyone wants an answer too. If you want to know something but are too embarrassed to ask, just take a young child with you. Why do we have a teensey weensey house anyway? Simply put, it's all we wanted to risk at the time. It's just under a thousand square feet with a detached oversized 2 car garage and bedroom with bath comprising another 700 square feet. It's small but enough for us and Adrian (our grand-nephew who lives with us and has for 8 years, which is how long we have lived in the house.) We are very blessed.

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