Friday, May 29, 2009

I Have A Sister

Before I write about my sister I'd like to write about my mother-in-law. Charlene "Chet" Gillett. My sister is my mother-in-law's daughter. Before I met Chet for the first time my husband tried to prepare me. He told me she was quite eccentric, very emotional and a cross between, Jan Crouch, Tammy Faye Baker and Dolly Parton. When I saw her for the first time my thought was "Oh, she's so cute". When I then met her I thought she was wonderful. And what endeared me to her was her genuineness, her openness and her acceptance. She loved me before she met me because her son does. Eccentric yes, emotional yes, but oh so much fun. What I came to realize and understand about her was that she showed no favoritism. I was just as valuable to her as one of her own children. And I didn't get any special treatment, she might have been a little more gentle with me but if I was wrong I was wrong and if I was right I was right and she didn't mind letting me know one way or another. She called me every day the same as her other children and would share some tid-bit or joke from the church bulletin, you know those one-liners, and we'd laugh. She'd come and stay with us (yes, in our teensey, weensey house) (to her it was a suite at the finest hotel this side of heaven) and bring her little bird. She'd leave the air conditioning on in her room in the day for her little bird and turn it off at night so not to run the electric bill up. We told her the Lord provides and there's plenty so she should go ahead and leave it on day and night, but she insisted. We were always hungry she and I, at least we were the only two that needed something to eat every couple of hours. So we'd get ready for the day, get the house in order, dishes done and head out to do errands. I'd turn to her and say, "Do you want to get a snack?" She'd say, "Sandy I can always count on you for some little something to eat." We'd get a snack, make a couple of stops then we'd have lunch. If we were out much longer we'd get another snack before going home to finish the laundry and deciding what to have for supper. She never got tired. She loved to vaccum and she kept the bathroom spotless. She gave red roses for special occasions and always wrote "Jesus Is Lord" on every correspondence or envelope. She made sure no one was left out. When we'd come in unexpectantly she made sure everyone was called. If they could come they came and if they couldn't she missed them like we hadn't been together in years. She went to be with the Lord very suddenly on her birthday in 2006. I miss her very much. We all do. Her presence blessed our home and our life tremendously. We are so very blessed.

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Pleasant Drive said...

What a sweet, dear lady. She seems like someone that I would've really enjoyed. Family is a blessing!

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