Sunday, May 31, 2009

Am I a Vegan?

Am I a Vegan? Well, no, not yet anyway. I do love vegan food and I am so much more healthy and feel much much better when I do not eat sugar, grains, and dairy. I have found several vegan web sites in the last few weeks and have tried several recipes and wow, I'm impressed! Mike being a meat and potato man will not even touch what I've prepared. Let me take that back. He'll taste it but I told him I don't want to hear any comments and no raised eyebrows and squinched up noses. He's happy with me making whatever I want as long as he gets potatoes, fried and hamburger meat, fried. I serve him potatoes (fried) and vegetables and hamburger meat (fried) and vegetables. I do use grapeseed oil which is supposed to be a healthy oil and I try not to serve meat and potatoes in the same meal. So I'm getting experience as a short-order cook. Something for him, something for me, and something for Adrian (sometimes) and it is so much fun. The blessings continue.

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