Sunday, May 31, 2009

Am I a Vegan?

Am I a Vegan? Well, no, not yet anyway. I do love vegan food and I am so much more healthy and feel much much better when I do not eat sugar, grains, and dairy. I have found several vegan web sites in the last few weeks and have tried several recipes and wow, I'm impressed! Mike being a meat and potato man will not even touch what I've prepared. Let me take that back. He'll taste it but I told him I don't want to hear any comments and no raised eyebrows and squinched up noses. He's happy with me making whatever I want as long as he gets potatoes, fried and hamburger meat, fried. I serve him potatoes (fried) and vegetables and hamburger meat (fried) and vegetables. I do use grapeseed oil which is supposed to be a healthy oil and I try not to serve meat and potatoes in the same meal. So I'm getting experience as a short-order cook. Something for him, something for me, and something for Adrian (sometimes) and it is so much fun. The blessings continue.

Who IS Adrian Anyway?

That's another question everyone wants the answer to. Except by now, they know. Adrian is Mike's grand-nephew (our grand-nephew). His niece (our niece), Mary Kaye's son. Chery's grandson. He came to live with us on the 4th of July in 2001. He was five. He had stayed with us for a couple of weeks when he was four and was just going to stay a couple of weeks the summer he was five. But his mother broke her foot, needed to relocate to Dallas for her job and the move plus the foot plus the job plus getting a very active five year old in school and finding daycare was a bit much. We with open arms welcomed him into our home for the school year and until she could get on her feet literally. It actually worked out so well for Adrian, for her and for us that he's been with us every since. He is very close to his Mom. He talked to her everynight until recently when he felt he was too old to get a phone call from his Mom everynight. He's 13, going on 14. I told her he's just trying his hardest to grow up. They take really fun trips together and she always does something with him either here or there for his birthday and she always plans Christmas. He has added a never-a-dull-moment element to our life and our days are totally unpredictable. When he gets up in the morning, or everytime he walks through the door this house jumps with excitment and energy. Our life is so very blessed.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Sister, My Friend

My sister-in-law, Chery and I didn't have opportunities to spend time together much before 2006. We were together at family gatherings and such but there just wasn't an opportunity to really get to know each other. In the later part of 2005 they were needing to make a change and the oil industry was booming so her husband joined my husband in our consulting business. They bought a house, packed their things and moved here from Colorado. Chery's an RN so she went to work at the hospital before they even had a chance to unpack. Actually she painted the entire house before they unpacked. Chet was here and she cleaned baseboards and washed down cupboards, etc. I helped with paint colors, Chery chose a creamy taupe with an accent wall that looked like hot chocolate after the marshmallows melt. We were doing some re-decorating ourselves. Chery and I'd go from store to store shopping for furniture and accessories. She has an eye for what goes with what and just the right accessories and pictures. We carted things home and carted them back. One time we found the perfect accent chair for my master bedroom, it was silver. We loaded it up, brought it in the back door and set it in it's perfect spot. Mike saw it and thought it was hideous. So we loaded it up and carted it back. Just like the tree. We bought the most lovely artifical tree for my living room. Actually she bought one first for their living room only it was 8' tall and too close to the ceiling so she took it back. I loved it. We found one seven feet tall. I really hadn't seen a tree like this before, it had lots of long slender leaves, and it was just the right color green. Mike came home, hung bananas in it and said all we needed was a monkey. The tree actually stayed a couple of months until the furniture arrived. After the furniture arrived the tree had to go, not enough room. I think Chery has it in storage for when they build their new house. It was during all this that we started going to Rosa's for lunch and having Combination Nachos, no sour cream. We had a lot of fun whenever we were together. We made cheese and beef enchilada's for 8 and cooked Thanksgiving Dinner for 12. She brought over her dining room chairs so we'd have a chair for everyone. She ordered a chocolate decorated birthday cake and took me to lunch and gave me a gift card for my birthday. She brought me Combination Nachos when I fractured my foot and took me to the ER when I thought I had appendicitis. We bought hair care products on sale at Sally's and shared them, "Buy Two, Get One Free". We shared make-up and bought matching jammies. We looked at houses under construction and houses for sale. We'd sit out in front of the house and call the realtor and ask if they could show it right then, sometimes they could. Other times we'd make an appointment. When her Mom got sick I drove with her late at night the two hour drive to San Angelo and we stayed in the hospital room for two days. My sister-in-law became my sister. After her Mom passed away and we got her apartment cleaned out and things taken care of she gave me the most beautiful pair of ruby and diamond earrings, they were hers but they matched my wedding band and she wanted me to have them. Five months after the funeral Chery's husband decided he wanted to get to their property in Idaho before the leaves fell and winter set in and get the saw mill they had invested in established. They sold their house. Packed their things and left. I was broken-hearted and so was she. It was a special time for us for which I am very thankful. She visits and calls and it's like she never left but I miss her dear presence in our life. We are so very blessed.

Friday, May 29, 2009

I Have A Sister

Before I write about my sister I'd like to write about my mother-in-law. Charlene "Chet" Gillett. My sister is my mother-in-law's daughter. Before I met Chet for the first time my husband tried to prepare me. He told me she was quite eccentric, very emotional and a cross between, Jan Crouch, Tammy Faye Baker and Dolly Parton. When I saw her for the first time my thought was "Oh, she's so cute". When I then met her I thought she was wonderful. And what endeared me to her was her genuineness, her openness and her acceptance. She loved me before she met me because her son does. Eccentric yes, emotional yes, but oh so much fun. What I came to realize and understand about her was that she showed no favoritism. I was just as valuable to her as one of her own children. And I didn't get any special treatment, she might have been a little more gentle with me but if I was wrong I was wrong and if I was right I was right and she didn't mind letting me know one way or another. She called me every day the same as her other children and would share some tid-bit or joke from the church bulletin, you know those one-liners, and we'd laugh. She'd come and stay with us (yes, in our teensey, weensey house) (to her it was a suite at the finest hotel this side of heaven) and bring her little bird. She'd leave the air conditioning on in her room in the day for her little bird and turn it off at night so not to run the electric bill up. We told her the Lord provides and there's plenty so she should go ahead and leave it on day and night, but she insisted. We were always hungry she and I, at least we were the only two that needed something to eat every couple of hours. So we'd get ready for the day, get the house in order, dishes done and head out to do errands. I'd turn to her and say, "Do you want to get a snack?" She'd say, "Sandy I can always count on you for some little something to eat." We'd get a snack, make a couple of stops then we'd have lunch. If we were out much longer we'd get another snack before going home to finish the laundry and deciding what to have for supper. She never got tired. She loved to vaccum and she kept the bathroom spotless. She gave red roses for special occasions and always wrote "Jesus Is Lord" on every correspondence or envelope. She made sure no one was left out. When we'd come in unexpectantly she made sure everyone was called. If they could come they came and if they couldn't she missed them like we hadn't been together in years. She went to be with the Lord very suddenly on her birthday in 2006. I miss her very much. We all do. Her presence blessed our home and our life tremendously. We are so very blessed.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Teensey Weensey House

My brother Stan and sister-in-law Mary have 9 children. And right now they have 10 because our grand-niece who is almost 4 is living with them. One time a few of the kids were over and Leah who was 5 or 6 at the time walked through the kitchen and down the hall, stopped at the door to the master bedroom and realizing she was at the end said, "Why do you have such a teensey weensey house?" Ahhh, the question everyone wants an answer too. If you want to know something but are too embarrassed to ask, just take a young child with you. Why do we have a teensey weensey house anyway? Simply put, it's all we wanted to risk at the time. It's just under a thousand square feet with a detached oversized 2 car garage and bedroom with bath comprising another 700 square feet. It's small but enough for us and Adrian (our grand-nephew who lives with us and has for 8 years, which is how long we have lived in the house.) We are very blessed.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Heaven X 2

Berkley has a baby brother. Major Maddox Scott. Born March 20, 2009. Major is the most precious baby baby. He is undescribably newborn. No fight, no struggle, just 100% cuddle. As their grandmother my heart simply bursts with love and delight, it just wells up and nearly jumps out of me at the very thought of their precious little selfs. We are so very blessed.

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Love of My Life

The love of my life is Miss Berkley Ella Scott. Berkley Ella is the almost two year old daughter of my precious daughter Amy. Berkley is Amy's first born, Amy is my first born and I am my mother's first born. My life totally changed when Berkley was born. A friend of mine became a first-time grandmother shortly after I did and she passed on a wonderful comment a friend said to her, "Are you ready for a little bit of heaven?" And yes that's it. A little bit of heaven. There are no other words in the human language to describe becoming a grandmother. My entire life is transformed and magnified by the mere existence of Sweet Miss Berkley. We are so very blessed.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Just Beginning

I am so inspired by my sweet niece who's blog is the first blog I have ever read or followed. She's married to my brother Dale's son, my nephew Brian, she's 25 years old, and a breast cancer survivor. Although I haven't experienced in my lifetime what she has during this past year, and probably will not even come close, I too am incredibly thankful and incredibly blessed. I am so very thankful to my Lord and Savour Jesus Christ who in His mercy and grace has given me my best life now. And it doesn't get any better than this. My desire for this blog is to share my lifes blessings with my precious family and friends.

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